Nothing to say……………….

February 27, 2007

kitty.gif……….. I know !!  almost a first .

 Well I’ll get some pix done and post later in the week, Bruno is back to stay for a while, so expect total chaos here.


More pics in early spring from around here..

February 21, 2007



February 21, 2007

Very nice warm day.  I went down to the river.  As you can see still very high, and still early in the year.  But was nice as no one was around.


Spam – Junk Mail?

February 20, 2007

Well i get quite enough thank you!!  However, never to be one to promote unless I think its worth it : 

This works 100% in my outlook express, and has removed almost 4000  YES four-fucking-thousand junk emails.  Its free most important 🙂 

Some china I like…..

February 19, 2007



February 19, 2007

this is a very interesting site


February 18, 2007


Poor little guy/gal found out in the ice just before christmas, died new years day 😦  Sometimes you really wish you’d just been 5 mins later and not picked the poor thing up!  But you do and you try.  Sad, the little thing had got real friendly and nibbled at my feet for food.  Really smelt though.