dscn0404.JPGNow has a new home sadly.  Proof to self, you cant always arrogantly be the best pet owner in the world.  Space and money are very important too.  Sorry Bruno.


2 Responses to Bruno

  1. chanda says:

    I know it is so very difficult but don’t worry about Bruno, You gave him a great start and an excellent home (of that I am positive). You did the best you could under the circumstance and you should feel no regrets for giving him a great life!

    He is a cutey by the way.

  2. nookie says:

    thank you, he was about 1yr old in that pic, and as you know still a puppy util about 18mths. and at 55kg // 110lbs, one BIG puppy. Very distructive too when bored or thought you were not watching. Great temperament too, stupid as well.

    But hey, I have to move on, was not thinking ahead or clearly at the time I got him.

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