More pics in early spring from around here..



6 Responses to More pics in early spring from around here..

  1. chanda says:

    Very pretty, similar to here (landscape wise). you have more water and your land is more developed and it shows a hint of GREEN!!!!!!!!! I do love the homes though, much different than here.

  2. nookie says:

    i guess the older houses will always differ, made from whatever natural materials? here sandstone, and some stuff thats real solid and grey, look close enough its full of fossils, so i’d say sea bed? this area yes very farmed. vinyards in the hills and sunflowers and corn/maise on the flat. its ok, just wish it was not here….. if you know what i mean. The Alpine pic is close to a ski resort, very warm but the snow stays until about march time. After then its great to ‘ramble/walk’ full of protected plants etc.

  3. chanda says:

    Yeah, the old houses do. The eastern united states has buildings made out of “fossil stone” as well. Here we have our traditional adobe and rock homes…VERY different than France. I wouldn’t mind living in a castle…lol..would look rather funny in this part of the world though. I imagine the sunflowers are beautiful in bloom….

  4. nookie says:

    those are just houses chanda. not castles. quite nice vilages. there is a big chateau where i live, but the village is not as nice as the two in those pics

  5. chanda says:

    lol, I know those aren’t castles, guess I should have reworded it. the one on the hilltop just reminded me how awesome it would be to live in a bad for not clarifying. Many of our big homes are disgustingly lavish with no history and worth too much money. I do quite like the pueblo and spanish homes we have here which have been in existence for hundreds and hundreds of years. They may not be big but at least they have substance and “a story to tell”

  6. nookie says:

    i like the alpine region thats only about an hour from here. we get snow, but they really get snow. also so warm up there. pig of a drive, but worth it the lakes frozen and smells so fresh. also even being a ski resort, not full of toffs.

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