It’s March already …

Well its cold and wet outside so not so very spring like.

 Posts made for Feb have been archived now, and cut down, but all piccies remain.

Bruno escaped grrrrrrrrr.  Got him back as he is just too friendly and slobbered all over the first neighbour he could find.  All the other animals have no probs with him, but he is now SO big 60kg  (120lbs) and wide now.  He of course now howels all night too…..  so he’s been told off, and sulking coz daddy is effin grumpy now coz i aint slept well.


2 Responses to It’s March already …

  1. chanda says:

    I guess Bruno is one way to get back at your “chicken neighbors”! Encourage the howling and just nap during the day!!!!! :0)

  2. nookie says:

    oh you! almost as evil as me 🙂 we should have married

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