Rooting through some of mums stuff

I found these plates, I dont remember when she got them, but very odd the day i found them the plant was in bloom too 🙂 


On another subject, i got a nice nasty letter from the water company over the connection to mums house.  They have been banging the last bill around for months now, and i’m not paying it.  I have now been told that ‘I’ will pay the disconnection fee.  Do remember in bastard france the connection, thus contract ‘they love contracts’ is not in my name and if i wanted to change it would have to have a new meter installed etc etc .  I wonder what part of –deceased– they cannot understand?   The woman has been dead over a year now and not one bastard has stopped trying it on.  Well I’m passed being polite to any one of the pig ignorant french.   Bill copied and in nice big RED letters ‘fuck off’ has been applied and it returned.

The house still remains locked and I have no entry.  Who needs water??  The house has never been, nor can be occupied.  french bastards!


2 Responses to Rooting through some of mums stuff

  1. Louise says:

    Wow you have birds of paradise growing in your garden? How great is that! What else are you hiding from us here?


  2. nookie says:

    no babes thats the living room / store room / greenhouse 🙂

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