hotwater…. hotwater… HOT WATER !!!!!!!!!

Ok so Nookie has been bereft of hotwater or heating since  errrrr 2006 August.  Around 7 months of the real pleasures of living like a tramp.  Last month some ignorant french bastard looked at the boiler deciding it needed all new parts.  He was informed to take off the inlet valve and unblock it, but being an arrogant ignorant french bastard; would not listen and talked to me like i was a moron.

 New parts arrived and the french bastard turned up 14:30(morning am) !!!  he then started to change all the computer controls, and it would not work.  I asked if he’d looked at the inlet valve?  he went nuts screaming throwing his tools like a total french kunt he so obviously is!  time now 17:00, there are bits all over the place, he’s on the phone to the manufacturer and it wont work.  i passed through the kitchen to ask if he’d looked at the inlet valve?  he he he  😉 ….  oh you could hear him calling me all the bastards under the sun, and that I knew nothing about ‘FRENCH’ workmanship .   well I fucking do!  they are lazy idle ignorant twats and everything in this country is shit.

 18:30  I return to the kitchen and his language is getting really ripe, I ask again had he looked at the inlet valve…….  you see this twat is so french…….  i know he wont do that coz i said so.   Time goes on and all the bits he took off go back on, and more swearing.  The phone glued to his ear talking the the factory.  Voices raised as its obvious something more serious is wrong?   lots of being french and wasting oxygen for another 20mins.

Nookie needs to feed the animals and i’ve about had it with this french bastard.   “CHECK THE FUCKING INLET VALVE”  shouted so loud he had to shut up for once and listen to me. 

The only thing that arrogant french bastard had not looked at was the valve, as I’d mentioned it, and of full knowledge of the french, I knew he would pretend to know more….   he obviously didnt realise I know they are all thick control freaks!

So when he thought I was not looking the valve was taken off 🙂  and guess what?????  blocked by a dead spider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  7 fucking months and this!  ?

He has returned today to put the pump unit back the right way around as the boiler failed 30mins after he left.  had he only shut the fuck up and listened, it would have taken him 5mins, not 2 weeks!  

PS; told him he can suck me off for the bill (in english).  He said he’d post it to me  LOLOL  and like he thinks i’m paying?  deluded french bastard.     rant1.gif


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