I know you don’t like it when i’m on rant mode

However yesterday i had a funny turn, not the panics as normal, but the new ‘thing’ that is affecting me; a stinging internal feeling that shoots down my legs and feels like the blood stops coz my feet get instant cramps.   Anyway this has also mutated into a nasty turn like the panics.

 I went to get tea and milk from the local supermarket.   Felt just ok, no probs, but got out of the car and must have had a funny turn, i remember hitting the car that was all.  Now i’ve got a bad back and all scuffs down my arm.  I felt really odd, and people just gave me dirty looks and walked past 😦     bastard country I am so lonely and I hate it and every one of the bastards living here.


One Response to I know you don’t like it when i’m on rant mode

  1. chanda says:

    I so wish you could leave France nookie. I think in the long run it would be much better for your physical and mental health. I just can’t think of anyway you can do it. A sucky situation.

    I guess you can look on the bright side…at least you have hot water now..even if you did have to fight to get it.

    Hope things get better for ya nookie

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