My other blogs are taking shape

Nothing spectacular, but keep me occupied


trains etc


3 Responses to My other blogs are taking shape

  1. chanda says:

    A new side to you..or at least one of which I was unaware. I knew you were really into trains but had no idea the level you were into pottery and china…very nice web-site with lots of cool pictures. My favs are the cat and lion..very striking.

  2. chanda says:

    AND..your trains are SOOO very different looking than here!

  3. nookie says:

    thanx ‘blush’ i have 1000’s of train pictures but non digital and have to be scanned etc etc ….. i’ll get around to it.

    So glad you like my ceramic collection. yes the cats are my fave too, the money boxes perhaps more so. all this 70’s stuff getting soo sooooo expensive now. and to think about 5-6yrs ago people were throwing them away………trends change so fast.

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