So Nookie takes on the courts!!!

The High Court here are just doing NOTHING.  The last letter sent took them 8 months to reply and all they did was return my letter asking it be PROPERLY translated (not my use of online one) the court have translators FFS!   So my complaint about lawyer 1 for fraud was ignored and lawyer 2 appointed = who has done nada/sod all.  He is totally chosing to missunderstand the seriousness of my case and chosing to do nothing.  The house was built illegally and is now legally 2yrs late by any standards (4yrs its sat there this year)

I ask the court to advance the forms for the current year for legal aid and they ………………… do NOTHING!

Lawyer 2 then says he will no longer do anything as my aid has expired!!!!!!

The High Court legal aid department is run by the most obnoxious bitch, i had the missfortune to meet her and she was out and out vile before I’d even opened my mouth.  She went fucking loopy at me because mums death certificate was wrong.  “a bit fucking late dont you think”!!!?????  SHE caused 6 months fucking about and SHE made me drive the 100mile round trip to the court 3 times before she accepted the death certificate.  Do remember the certificate was issued by that court NOT me!  bastards!

So now Nookie is deciding to employ the Europeen Court as a last attempt to get help and some khunt to do something.  What else can you do?  Also I’m going to complain the court here is Racsist towards the English, as the wording from that BITCH at the court was that “you moved here and if it goes wrong why should we help”?  Translated to = we are going to fuck you over big time, take your money, play with your life and then fuck off if you think we give a shit! 

They do not like the English here I know and see that at every turn.  They dont look disgusted at the way I and my Mum have been treated, they look smug and pleased.  bastard french.

This week I have been zapped out and now my face on the left side has sunk…..  it looks awful, I dribble too!  nice 😦 I think i aged 10yrs in this last year.  and now I’m starting to look like I feel.  I have to take a stand and I WILL shit on anyone I can to do this.  They think I’ll quietly die so they can all get on with the next victim…………  they better think again, I’m going for blood and I want to see it.  No matter who they think they fucking are.


2 Responses to So Nookie takes on the courts!!!

  1. Shelley says:

    When things are the hardest it gives us the most strength to fight. I’m so sorry they are pushing you to this. I do hope you show them all! I’m sending you all of my positive energy! xXx

  2. nookie says:

    not really i’m just plain tired now. it would not be so bad had i been fighting IN court, but i cant even get that far…………………………

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