Kitties don’t like being outside

yesterday and today have been very hot, so i decided its time to do something with mums poor plants in pots.  I’ve lost a lot while we waited and waited on the house that never happened.  They remain in pots but now buried to keep the roots cooler.  I created a 20′ sq area and they are there, along with my little veg garden 🙂  runner beans, onions, garlic and courgettes (zuccini) round.   Found a roll of really shit old fencing and have made that a dog free zone.

 So while taking various breaks digging …. I made some tea and took the kitties up the garden.  bank holiday and sunny so everyone is out and about and so many motorbikes too.  The noise at the road out front annoying.  and it freaked the kitties, who all torn me to bits and dived back in the house.  Huge fluffy tails and not wanted to go outside again.   Well in a way i’m pleased they dont like it, dont have to worry about them on THAT road.

george and rupert (big brave boys) the worst and biggest tails of all 🙂  also that pair are taking to ‘body slams’.  one up the stairs one in the kitchen and run to each other at high speed slamming sideways on……………………………  the little girls are more interested in eating any flies that come in the house .  odd lot.


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