expensive external pc hard drives?

April 13, 2007

yes they are and i have one a 500gb one.  SOOO big it takes a decade to find anything on it.  However i got a 3.5″ external drive ‘case’ for 20€  about 25$!  put in an old HDD from a long dead pc and ………………  one 40gb external hard drive for 20€!  

I also put in an extra cooling fan and memory into the PC.  all salvaged bits from here and there.  Damned if I can afford a new PC and even more damned if I want that new Vista thing …..  looks like total poo.

PS; talking of total poo; IE7.   Got it yet?  I did and its shite, can they make the buttons smaller?  really can they?  the back button is smaller than my mouse curser.  ‘leave things alone you bastards, and sort out the crap you are selling’

semi rant mode