expensive external pc hard drives?

yes they are and i have one a 500gb one.  SOOO big it takes a decade to find anything on it.  However i got a 3.5″ external drive ‘case’ for 20€  about 25$!  put in an old HDD from a long dead pc and ………………  one 40gb external hard drive for 20€!  

I also put in an extra cooling fan and memory into the PC.  all salvaged bits from here and there.  Damned if I can afford a new PC and even more damned if I want that new Vista thing …..  looks like total poo.

PS; talking of total poo; IE7.   Got it yet?  I did and its shite, can they make the buttons smaller?  really can they?  the back button is smaller than my mouse curser.  ‘leave things alone you bastards, and sort out the crap you are selling’

semi rant mode


3 Responses to expensive external pc hard drives?

  1. chanda says:

    I got IE7 and wound up hating it so much that I uninstalled it….I was the most horrible thing they have ever done.

    Do not have Vista..do not plan on getting it until this computer croaks.

    Do not have nor need that much memory. Mine is only 80 gig with 1 gig RAM. All I keep on it pictures and a few games…still have 50 gig free and I cuurently have everything I need or want on the stupid thing. The pnly thing I kick myself on is that I didn’t get two hard drives “just in case” but for what I do it wasn’t necessary.

    After school is out I plan to not spend so much time on the computer anyway and actually enjoy time with my dogs and family…oh yeah and my garden too!!

  2. nookie says:

    yep my pc is 80gigs and true is well under half full. The external was to back-up to, the 500gigs was a mistake tooooo damn big unless you have videos to store, and i dont. you got a 1gb RAM?? nice mine was 256mb and only last week did i up it to 512mb… oh boy can you tell the difference 🙂 I did not realise XP should operate with a MIN of 256 but 512 ideal and anything over better still. Vista needs a Kagillion MB RAM … and i dont want it anyway.

    I remember last year my dear sisiter had a massive hard drive failure. On it was every pic of her little one from birth to 4yrs and she LOST THE LOT. The drive still has the info on it but cannot be recovered (it can but has to be stripped layer by layer by a professional at unreal costs… 5k€+, ok for a company to recover a blown HDD but not you or I). She emailed everyone to send back any pics she’d previously sent and she’d got none left. I did feel for her that must be rotten.

  3. chanda says:

    Yeah I got 1gb RAM because I wanted a faster/smoother operating system. I wanted the best I could afford at the time. Computer is custome built (which I prefer to do) and ran me close to $2,000.00. It’s pretty nice though. The computer is 3 or 4 years old now so its becoming obsolete but it works for me. The nice thing about getting the most memory you can afford when you buy a new computer is that it lasts you a little longer and your not having to go buy more ram (or another computer) later on down the road….

    I sympathize with your sister. Had the same thing happen to me once..luckily I saved a lot of the pictures onto CDs or a flashdrive. Unfortunately I did permanently lose some really nice pics. I bought a picture printer so that I will always have a permanent hardcopy and I got an extra flashdrive to save what I need on it. I learned my lesson (I hope).

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