tobacco alternatives to smoke

ok i know you lot dont smoke but i do!  and spend zillions or €uroz on it a month.  Last month I decided to change from buying Rothmans fags reday made to getting a little machine, tobacco and filter tips (empty cigarette tubes)  thus make my own.  It works well and have more than halved the amount i spend  ……….  !!!


I have tried to give up and i really cant, my life never seems to give one the option not to be stressed out or unhappy.  So I smoke still.

Whilst making my own cigarettes i realise there really is no reason why i cant save MORE money and water the tabacco down.  Its more the action of smoking and the small amount of nicotine the addiction.  So Nookie is drying off herbs and grasses to add to the mix and reduce the tabacco more and more.  So far dried tyme and mint are actually rather nice smelling and sweet tasting 🙂   obviously i do need to avoid and drugs and things that might affect me……  so i’m sure to be safe with normal garden herbs.

we see, any ideas?


2 Responses to tobacco alternatives to smoke

  1. chanda says:

    Kudos to you for weaning off gradually..if for nothing else than to save yourself a few bucks! :0)

    To be honest I can’t think of any herbs you might try other than the mint..I am not a smoker so am not up on those things. I do know that there is some chewing tobacco out there that is made out of mint so it gives those that chew the same satisfaction without all the danger.

    Good luck with it!!!!!!!

  2. nookie says:

    i know that trying to make it cheaper so thus more affordable does not help to stop. but i will stop if i can get life off my back for five mins.

    ps sage aint so bad in a cigarette 🙂

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