Very pleased with myself

June 25, 2007

The weeds have been cleared YESSS… those that remain have had huge amounts of weedkiller applied.  I dont like weed killer, but no real options with so much to deal with.

Work beside the hedgerow I’ve left it as there is a birds nest there the chicks (5) look to be only a couple of days old.



New pics

June 20, 2007  just some botanicals for you.

 Nothing new on the ceramic blog but do have a sniff if you want?

Maisons Phenix ESCROCS

June 19, 2007

This is mums little house and how the bastard builders have left it for the last two years.


It will take me years to finish this house.  Internally it’s nothing more than a cow shed.  The pics that follow show the other houses, started the year after mums house and now occupied for over a year.  Poor woman what she must have felt?   Those bastards Maisons Phenix will be ban mouthed with any form of adverse publicity i can bring to them until the day the are stopped from trading.

Land clearance

June 19, 2007

Very pleased with self, all manual no machines.  Just me and a fork 🙂   Almost a week now, but sure you’ll agree it’s a start?

Mums house being rediscovered;



the width of the garden, still a lot of work to do, and level the land off the old railway………  something the builders never did, nor did they raise the ground around the house or lay access at the front.  many many tons of materials still needed.



the full width of the plot.  Very wide and still most of worrk needed.  The two clumps of acacia trees will remain and its plain south facing.


France racist

June 12, 2007

well today my claim to the EU court was made against FRANCE.   if you could know all details you’d understand

suffice to say i’m sueing france for fraud, incompetence and racism

we wait we see, so far i’ve enough evidence to prove everything i claim.   I’m going to have to break into mums house soon …….   abandoned by the builders for more than 2 years.  no help french are all frauds, cannot be trusted at all




all going to EU court now, as france is not to be trusted and corrupt to the level of governement

french =  escrocs    not to be trusted !!!!

crooks the lot of them and fucking arrogant, thick cunts at that

Bye bye Herbert 1997-2007 I love you

June 12, 2007

I know mum would have been devasted to lose you. Tomorrow you can join her, KC and Jake.   You are the last of her aniamls apart from George who she know for so little time, he was only a little kitten.  Herbert  you were always her favorite.   FIV has hit you hard, I can’t watch you suffer and lay there without reason anylonger.  The meds did not work.  Today the vet said to bring you back in the afternoon tomorrow.

 Thats it then old mate, I’m sorry, i tried




oh dear it happened again

June 6, 2007

very hot here, needed to do some shopping.  drive about 20miles to a very cheapo place.

 Felt ok, enter the supermarket and i’m not good AGAIN.  Decide to abandon and went to find staff to appoligise stuff in trolley i dont feel well I want to leave.    But as i found a young lady she looked shocked, I was saying something sounding drunk, and although i did not realise i was going over 😦   crushed all the boxes of pasta doing so.    All other customers vanished of course!!!    The manager helped me to their rest room and the panic went nuts again from there.  So humiliating in public 😥   Ambulance arrived x2  all sirens (heard that)  8 emergency crewe decend on me.  I’m now trying to tell them NO EFFIN HOSPITAL.   Wait learn and watch it will go……..  30 mins it passed but one lady doctor who arrived could not belive the heart rate (like last time)  and she touched my stomach, then about 20mins later dispite me sweating like hell and shaking very bad she touched again.   Told me its passing now.

 MMMMmmm   She realised something very odd.  The panic is what i get for sure its the result, but she then told me its intestinal or bowel and to have it looked at.   Its putting pressure on the liver that then sends the adrenalin uncontrolled causing the panic reaction.

 Well fuck me almost 5yrs of this and i think she is very correct.   To think, yes if i have toilet probs I get panics or dont feel I can leave the house.  In plain terms if i’ve not had a shit i cant go out!!!!

Well no hospital this time thankfully but It was not very nice at all in front of everyone. 😦   pissed off.