Land clearance

Very pleased with self, all manual no machines.  Just me and a fork 🙂   Almost a week now, but sure you’ll agree it’s a start?

Mums house being rediscovered;



the width of the garden, still a lot of work to do, and level the land off the old railway………  something the builders never did, nor did they raise the ground around the house or lay access at the front.  many many tons of materials still needed.



the full width of the plot.  Very wide and still most of worrk needed.  The two clumps of acacia trees will remain and its plain south facing.



2 Responses to Land clearance

  1. chanda says:

    looks better

  2. nookie says:

    i hope so 🙂 cant look worse can it? galloons of weedkiller have now been used

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