Hard work :)

July 29, 2007

I’m quite happy that a little over 6 weeks and progress, sadly not inside the house, but the garden.   Lots and lots of things to do, dig etc, but the front is tidy and planting started.   Weeping birch btw, its supposed to look like that 🙂


The rocks have been added to pursuade people to use their fucking steering wheels… that bit of the garden was very ‘driven on’. 



Lost and Found

July 29, 2007

Lulu vanished until i spotted her two legs hanging under the car, Sooty was found a day later in a similar place.  Sooty again found in tree fallen asleep, and Tigger realising that you have to get down now you got up there.    Little bastards.


Pets names…… and what we also call them

July 22, 2007

Olette = Ollie, wally, fatty, lump, slither

Jenny = Jen, Jenifer, bitch, pig

Eddie= Edmund, Edwood, stupid, dippy

Dilys = Dilly, dilly-dally, dwiddles, dilly – willie

Rupert= Rupie, poopee, little man, poo poo de doo

Miss Bitsy= bits, bits ‘n’ bobs

Lucy-Lou = lou lou

George= THE George, pie, pudden, and ‘i like pie’, ‘coz youre ugly’.   george has so many names, but he was and always be mums little kittie and often he is just plain ‘mums little baby boy’

 There are reasons but ….  hey my name’s Nookie LOL

kitties / babysitting pics

July 22, 2007

Copper who i call ‘tigger’ as he responds to it…..  so i changed his name.  anyway just like my rupert.




Thomas /Tommy, he looks like a little bear  very cute


at the front door


LuLu playing with ‘tigger’



July 21, 2007

ok its a month long OMG  FFS etc etc .  4 kitties now deposited in mums house as i really cant take them here.  Thomas, LuLu and Sooty  all 2 mths old bottle fed since wk1!!!!  their mum died.  and Copper a little ‘3-6mth?  ginger kittie found they day before!!!!  So while at mums house doing the garden i get to look after this lot too now.  The first three no probs, never having a mum they follow a human voice, and really just that, look back there they are, turn them again, etc etc.  very very cute though all grey white mixes.  The little ginger tom Copper is not so keen and as a stray thought he was on a winner?  Now pissed off to find other kitties 🙂   Nookie cant help it, I have to look after you all for a month /6wks.

Local youths

July 19, 2007

Ok mums house has been abandoned a longtime.    The road ends outside her house and I did note quite often its a meeting place for a couple / few / youths at times.   When i started clearing the garden on one day there where 3-4 there drinking.  They said sorry did not realise anyone owned the house.  Was not a problem they where not on the garden and not causing any hassle to me.   Later i did however discover 5 wine bottles and several vodka mix bottles and worse 3 vodka bottles, plus cans and the like lobbed into the weeds.  I collected them and piled them up where they come and sit.

Today a couple of youths appeared said hello etc and sat chatting on the road out front.   Without me even saying a word they saw the pile of bottles, picked them all up and ‘clancked’ off up the road to where they live to dispose of them!!!!!!   i did not intend to have a go, and didnt need to either.  Had that been England you’d have been told to fuck off etc etc and the bottles would have been smashed all over the place.   France gains a slight plus today for a change.

Garden begins

July 19, 2007

After about 6 weeks or exhaustive weed clearance, I have started the front garden.  It will be four beds that the front path with cross through.   The soil I’m digging out of where the pond will one day be, its very hot here 30-33° and so slow going, what you see is 4 days work already.