Garden begins

After about 6 weeks or exhaustive weed clearance, I have started the front garden.  It will be four beds that the front path with cross through.   The soil I’m digging out of where the pond will one day be, its very hot here 30-33° and so slow going, what you see is 4 days work already.



6 Responses to Garden begins

  1. chanda says:

    It looks very nice nookie…I need a landscaper!!!!

  2. nookie says:

    i’m using old roof tiles to make the beds raised. very much into re-using and adapting to the landscape 🙂

  3. chanda says:

    I think that’s a wonderful idea! I plan on doing that here…because we don’t get much rain I am going to conserve water as much as possible by xeriscaping and using only native, hardy vegetation. Our native plants are beautiful and they don’t take much water!!!

  4. nookie says:

    Nookie has been taking cuttings from the garden where i live now. even conifers!!!!! yes very easy too 🙂 The trees in mums garden are native acacias and they are staying, i like them tall thin and clustered, they are elegant and give a lovely shade too.

    Mum always used to say “if you cant lose it, use it” and indeed, the old railway track bed in the garden will be my dry desert garden, next level the bog garden and pond. Then a nice sloping lawn. I know not level, we’ve always had fucking level, for a change I’d like one that naturally slopes. also saving 100tons of soil to level up 🙂

  5. chanda says:

    It looks like you have done a lot of work and I really like the recycling you are doing with the roof tiles. It looks nice and its economical to boot. We used cross ties because we know a guy who used to work for the railroad and he got a bunch for free so he gave them to us. They make beautiful edging for flower beds, they will last forever, and are maintenance free. NICE. The way I figure it if you can use native vegetation then its to your advantage. Lower water bills and pretty plants. you can’t beat that. Funny you mentioned conifers. I haven’t been able to make deciduous trees grow (other than lilacs and russian olives-which are invasive) but I planted this tiny little ponderosa a few years ago and its just doing great!!! I like your mum’s philosophy..I think I would have liked her. She seemed like a no-nonsense kind of person. My grandma was like that…it could get embarrassing cause she would tell people what she thought but that’s who she was.

    I see nothing wrong with following the natural slopes…I think it could be really pretty, particularly if you plant flowers at different heights in accordance with the slope…can’t wait to see your update photos.

  6. nookie says:

    cross ties are ‘sleepers’ in UK and yes fantastic if you can get them. normally hard wood forced with tar preservatives. they’ll never rot, but they can ooooze tar in hot summer. no good for seating.

    all the same cross ties ARE the in thing to use, and i really wish i had …50-100-150 🙂

    today the garden has again changed, in almost 7 weeks its gone from 8′ high weeds to a plan mum and i made 4yrs back, i’m sticking to it, its working. I dont have money to pay for soil or machines, so its all manual all me :)! and i feel ok doing it, i dont mind.

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