Inside the house ‘maisons phenix’ crooked bastards

Greeted by pipes all over the floor as the level has never been raised and no floor tiles!   Rat shit in every room of the house, bathroom with no shower, walls totally unfinished, and a big empty space that is supposed to be a kitchen with beige units and solid wood tops.   It does not make me a happy bunny to see this.  I cant get services connected even as there is no certificate or conformity FFS.




5 Responses to Inside the house ‘maisons phenix’ crooked bastards

  1. chanda says:

    Oh wow, that is really, really bad. I don’t have any words for such poor business practices and ethics….what do you plan to do with it nookie? Are you gonna fix it up yourself?

  2. nookie says:

    THAT is habitable according to the builders (2005). that was when we realised they are crooks. The biggest builder in france too!!!!!!!!! They build 1000’s of houses under many differing names, and i find out too late that is about the standard most people are left with. They dont care as the are huge, had your money and so your problem. The thing is in france people are really forced to accept like that and finish it themselves, the builders know this and so continue to find the next victims.

    My mother was not having any of their bullshit or threats, and so they just left the house as you see it. Its like fucking children sulking dealing with the french!

  3. chanda says:

    That is SOO NOT livable!!! ewww..that would just piss me off..hell it does piss me off and I don’t have to deal with it. I say..Hang their asses!!!

  4. Louise says:

    My god your mom paid for a FINISHED house and this is what you got? Unbelievable! It is a very nice house on the outside though I love it. Hope you get to finish it and out of legal crap.

  5. nookie says:

    now Lou you understand why i and mum where so upset. The wanking builders have not been near the house since 2005 after agreeing to correct the clear ‘escroc’ ……… now its for the courts but i guess decades and then some?

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