Local youths

Ok mums house has been abandoned a longtime.    The road ends outside her house and I did note quite often its a meeting place for a couple / few / youths at times.   When i started clearing the garden on one day there where 3-4 there drinking.  They said sorry did not realise anyone owned the house.  Was not a problem they where not on the garden and not causing any hassle to me.   Later i did however discover 5 wine bottles and several vodka mix bottles and worse 3 vodka bottles, plus cans and the like lobbed into the weeds.  I collected them and piled them up where they come and sit.

Today a couple of youths appeared said hello etc and sat chatting on the road out front.   Without me even saying a word they saw the pile of bottles, picked them all up and ‘clancked’ off up the road to where they live to dispose of them!!!!!!   i did not intend to have a go, and didnt need to either.  Had that been England you’d have been told to fuck off etc etc and the bottles would have been smashed all over the place.   France gains a slight plus today for a change.


6 Responses to Local youths

  1. chanda says:

    Yeay!!!! Nice to see that there is still good in people isn’t it?

  2. nookie says:

    very much so. i did not want to cause a big row before i even moved in! and was very happy no words where even needed. Today I went around to the house again and one youth (not even at the house) some distance from waved to me as i drove past. I expect only people respect others homes and garden. I suspect the fact i never told them to sling their hooks when they often sit out front, is the reason they understood what i have done and acted upon it? Had the bottles remained then in time i’d have had to ask them to piss off as i dont want the mess etc.

  3. chanda says:

    You got a wave!!!! That’s better than your current idiotic neighbors!!!! Who knows why they did.. they did it and were nice about it and that’s all that really matters!

  4. nookie says:

    here i’m gay and obviously rampant for their husbands!!! so a threat like a lone woman is ignored in france. they are a forgiving race but fucking hostile bastards too. you cannot be seen out of the agreed circle or being!

    result imagine ??? all the same i know who can go fuck off and often

  5. chanda says:

    wow..I can’t believe how neurotic those people are. France, quite honestly has never been on one of my top places to visit. I don’t know why but I just never really found it all that appealing. I don’t give a damn about the Eiffel Tower (holds about as much appeal as other man-made objects)..but…I wouldn’t mind seeing the countryside (just without all the people).

    Sorry you have to deal with all that crap from such insecure people!

  6. nookie says:

    they are also control freaks very very much so and paranoid like you cannot believe.

    french…. insecure, unstable and arse-holes

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