July 21, 2007

ok its a month long OMG  FFS etc etc .  4 kitties now deposited in mums house as i really cant take them here.  Thomas, LuLu and Sooty  all 2 mths old bottle fed since wk1!!!!  their mum died.  and Copper a little ‘3-6mth?  ginger kittie found they day before!!!!  So while at mums house doing the garden i get to look after this lot too now.  The first three no probs, never having a mum they follow a human voice, and really just that, look back there they are, turn them again, etc etc.  very very cute though all grey white mixes.  The little ginger tom Copper is not so keen and as a stray thought he was on a winner?  Now pissed off to find other kitties 🙂   Nookie cant help it, I have to look after you all for a month /6wks.