Pets names…… and what we also call them

Olette = Ollie, wally, fatty, lump, slither

Jenny = Jen, Jenifer, bitch, pig

Eddie= Edmund, Edwood, stupid, dippy

Dilys = Dilly, dilly-dally, dwiddles, dilly – willie

Rupert= Rupie, poopee, little man, poo poo de doo

Miss Bitsy= bits, bits ‘n’ bobs

Lucy-Lou = lou lou

George= THE George, pie, pudden, and ‘i like pie’, ‘coz youre ugly’.   george has so many names, but he was and always be mums little kittie and often he is just plain ‘mums little baby boy’

 There are reasons but ….  hey my name’s Nookie LOL


One Response to Pets names…… and what we also call them

  1. chanda says:

    Isn’t it funny how we give them names but call them something else. Socks is “her royal highness” or “princess petunia” Bruce has a pluthera of names all of which refer to his goofiness….I love him to death but I swear if he were a person he would be “the village idiot”.

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