George and Miss Bitsy

August 29, 2007


This pair are very odd, father and daughter.  If one moans or, as they do, chatter in their sleep, the other responds.  I’ve looked they are both sleeping, yet together they chatter and twitch.  The second the instigator stops the other does the same.   Its very strange.  Almost as if they are communicating directly whilst asleep.

Also this pair have taken to sleeping together, not just close but curled in a ball together, normally George wraps his legs around Miss Bitsy.


Times Education suppliment

August 29, 2007

So I got a delivery, something posted from India, and it was wrapped in the Indian Times Education suppliment 🙂  There is a Maths test…….  Thought I’d have a go

(copied exactly from the paper)

1) How many two digits number have the sum of the factorals of their digits less than or equal to the product of their digits?

i) 0  ii) 8  iii) 4  iv)1

2) If a:b=c:d, d=4^2 and 2bc=64, find the value of a+d?

i) 20   ii) 18  iii) 22   iv)cant be determined

3)For how many values of natural number N, sum sum of first N natural numbers will be perfect square less than 1000?

i) 1  ii) 2  iii) 4  iv) 8

4)How many two-digit numbers exceeds the number formed by reversing their digits by a perfect square (greater than 0)?

i) 16  ii) 12  iii)15   iv)18

5) If N=aaaabbaaaa, a=2b, than N need not be divisible by

i) 99  ii)198  iii)66  iv)396

So while pondering these questions and thinking, I came up with the following;

DOES ANYONE UNDERSTAND THE FUCKING QUESTIONS EVEN??????????  not least Q1 has a grammaticle err

I have decided that the answer to all the above would be;


Bookswap event

August 28, 2007

next sunday i’m going to a bookswap 🙂   its an event arranged by english people in this region.   I hope to actually meet some new people to talk to…………  and of course I’m gonna be looking for Enid Blyton books 😉

How rude should I be?

August 28, 2007

A very ancient credit card, that did not get paid as they refused to allow payment from France or even to send out statements….  so they refused payment in effect.

anyway today arrives;

we can no longer tolerate the continued breach of your loan agreement.

threats threats  court etc and ..

1) attachment to earnings

2) bailiff

3) any other legal means of enforcement we see as appropriate.

all standard stuff to ignore…………….  except this is the THIRD time they have written to my mother since she died.  Each time I have replied to them informing SHE IS DEAD.  

This time I am not even going to mince words or even try to tone it down, it WILL be down right rude AND insulting

fucking bastards

Cute little house

August 27, 2007

large garden in fact, although euro standards of course.

 The ‘bones’ of the garden are now in place, and although very hard work to come, the planning and plotting out is over.  I need to wait it rains some as I have an entire garden of plants to move over still


 Picture from 2004, hard to imagine what was going to happen, was happy and exciting then.dscn0106.jpg

For your pleasure below is the depressive crap hole i live in right now…  it’s such a nice warm colour set well back from the little used road…. NOT grey grey grey sitting on a road thats a norm they pass at 70mph+   see that bend?  imagine your are at the gates trying to get out…..   “foot down and hope” no other options.

That house is going to just NOT fly off the estate agents books, but then who am I to dampen the owners delusions?  I’m more than happy to be getting out trust me.dscn0972.jpg

Major earthworks

August 27, 2007

All done by my ‘not’ so fair hands…  all rough now.  No mechanicals, just a spade and a barrow. 


House update

August 27, 2007

nothing great but the ‘then and now’ of the front