Gonna miss you all :(

Advance warning of silence from me sadly.  I’ve again had a round of not very nice at all emails from the twat that owns this house.  I’ve really had enough, I wont have time to finish mums house, but fuck its got to be better than living here?  Well yes it is in fact.

 So letter has been sent off to end the internet connection ….  mums house does not have a phone line and to be honest I’d never afford the upkeep anyway 😦

It’s going to be a real bummer to not hear from you all, but there is nothing I can do .    I’ll keep you upto date until my connection is killed.   It’s been great and, although I never met you, I found some nice people are out there 🙂

I’ll try to find someplace I can access the net from and try to keep the blogs alive so you can see updates etc.



2 Responses to Gonna miss you all :(

  1. chanda says:

    Oh nookie we are SOOOOO gonna miss you! PLEASE find a library or public place that offers free internet access. They have them here, certainly they have them there! We can’t not have you around!!!! sniff, sniff…now I’m sad. :0(

  2. nookie says:

    sorry, nothing i can do. i wont have TV or internet now. Not had TV for 2yrs, but no internet is going to be really really hard, everyone i know and know of is here in cyber space. Oh well, back to paper and pen contact, it cant be that bad can it,???

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