I’m still looking foward to moving

I know the house has problems, but in time.  

However the owner of the house I live in so determined to throw me out and sell it…… he’s a  deluded moron, who, with his freeky GREED-driven mother,  are about to have problems.  The housing market has ground to a halt, prices are low, and a house like this still needing so much work HE refused to pay because SHE said so…………….   the roof, guttering the …. its all in need of massive work.   Its also semi-detached and litterally fronts the main road…. every car or lorry shake it as they pass at very high speed.

I’m of course not telling anyone when i leave, and i’m damn fucking sure i’ll not be acting selling agent!!!!!!  THEY can drive the 1hr to get here.   I’ll have to change the locks back of course, and I’ll be popping my set of keys in the letterbox….   ‘keep me out of it thank you very much’

PS the water leak is getting louder :=)   

pps the black up the walls is mould

ppps yes the smell is damp too

pppp^s and cunt it would not be so bad had you you left me here with no heat or water for 7 months

ppppps  enojoy and sell it !! lol …. this i will enjoy 🙂

ppppppppppppppp ‘lost count’ ……..  you are a cunt and your mother is a CUNT the word was invented for a reason that reason was her  C U N T , the woman is so sick she uses a torch to go to the toilet ……….  saving that 12w light eh?   ILL  and not slightly we are talking SICK, your mother enjoy……….  i’ll enjoy the day i hear it died.  oh and how are you doing paying her new mortgage in YOUR name?   She is a person that needs 20% of my blog to describe….  enough to say she left her mother in a room for 15yrs with no window while she creamed the social service……..    ‘oh now who next’?     you CUNT you…..  now removed and trapped, enjoy, you dont have a chance the cunt needs to be seen to care………   oh well not my loss

🙂   i really dont give a fuck



4 Responses to I’m still looking foward to moving

  1. chanda says:

    Nookie..I am so going to miss you. You make my day a little brighter. At least you can get SOME joy out of the move!

  2. nookie says:

    i’m ok babes, just shuch a shame its all so messy and …………. well when was life easy eh?

    i’ll really miss you…. you bitch slapped me rotten when at first, dunno why but i liked you anyway. oh well friends come from the strangest places and times, and somehow for some reason i’ll try to stay in contact


  3. chanda says:

    rofl!! In my defense I was only looking out for the animals!!! You damn well better stay in contact!

    I’ll miss you too…:0(

  4. nookie says:

    i’ll try


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