Maisons Phenix = shit quality

As you know mum was well shafted by these crooks who dare call themselves ‘builders’.   Well I’ve been listing what they failed to do, correct, re-pay…..  everything in fact.   I’m also now measuring and listing things I’ve been left to do, repair, correct……….  the list gets complicated:

Cant get the electric connected as i have no idea who the fuck the electrician was, and he/she failed to supply a certificate of work. 

The water seems to be connected but does not reach the house, since 2005 mum then me have paid the water connection, the meter is there, it turns but where the fuck does the water go???  Nothing happening inside at all.   Lots of bottles of water everyday to water the new garden, myself and the kitties…..

Gas, well no idea, lets hope something works???  but again no certificate to get it connected.

Guarantee and occupancy.   No insurances, no guarantee on the house, and my occupying it will void that I guess?  Now the law and tax.  In real terms the house is not fit for human habitation (rats and cats only), but i’ll be living there.  There has been no ‘hand-over’ nothing, so in the face ‘again’ of french law i’m not going to bother telling the tax office fuck all.  Let them sort it out.

Certificate of conformity, or the house complies to building permit.  It so fucking doesnt in any way from the roof pitch to its actual placement.  Therefore the house does not comply, cannot be inhabited.   You of course are seeing how complicated this is getting???   I’m not telling anyone official i’m there, to do so would be a nightmare, the house is not finished, uninhabitable and does not conform.   So fuck ’em.

Floor……. lack of = well now more TOP QUALITY.  I’ll need to bring the level up and cover all the heating, water and gas pipes.   So measurements.  @ front door 4cm, @ toilets 6cm, @ the three sets of french doors 5cm……  okayyy  so a +/- of 1cm is easy to correct.   HOWEVER all internal doors are @11cm!!!  There is no was I can have a +/- 7cm (3inches)  Its not possible, so all the doors and frames have to come out and be re-fitted at the correct level.   A fucking mess.  BASTARDS…. 


4 Responses to Maisons Phenix = shit quality

  1. chanda says:

    It basically sounds like a shanty…it doesn’t look like it but it sounds like. So it is the “simple life” for nookie whether he wants it or not eh?

  2. nookie says:

    simple life is ok as long a parasite hilton does not show up

  3. chanda says:

    rofl!!!! but she’s CHANGED now that she’s been in prison!! Didn’t you know that??? She’s one I wish we could send to France, We don’t want her.

  4. nookie says:

    i dont fucking want it here………….. its yours as is bush!!!!!

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