Ok what to do when i aint not got the net no longer?

Garden and house and pictures so obviously.   Start painting and drawing again yes 🙂

I did some drawings the other week, and one i titled ‘the house on silver hill’ ……………. the picture then stirred a thought within.   I LOVED enid blyton when i was a kid, and although i no longer have any of her books, i just remember the innocent harmless fun that was her style.   Of course the ultra correct politicle brigade soon had her books removed from favour, i remember them being removed from my first school (1970’s) as they were no longer appropriate…………  not enough disabled or ethnic or unemployed or mentally unstable portrayed perhaps?????

I’m going to try and get together a series i liked …. re-read and then ‘here’s the crunch’ ………… illustrate and write a new one to add to the series 🙂     yes i know i think i am capable of many things i just cant pull off.   But i WANT to put my mind back to where innocent harmless thoughts can be made into something… sure its kids books i know.  But i just hate the video games, mobile phones, fasion clothes all that shit that is all kids today know, see and do.

and not least, grammar and spelling!!!!  now thats something we’ve all (most of us…. well me anyway) need to brush up on.

So there…………


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  1. chanda says:

    Nookie…maybe a change will be good for you…I have planned on picking my artwork up again but I keep getting wrapped up in this damn computer and never pick up the pencil and paper like I so intend to do…There are times when I wish I didn’t have internet..when I could be isolated and forced to do those activities I used to do before it even existed..

    Here are a few of my pieces of artwork (don’t laugh)…I would love to see yours. I imagine it to be a bit more abstract in nature??? I don’t know..you surprise me at every turn..

  2. chanda says:

    Just testing..never tried to imbed a picture before..


  3. chanda says:

    Doesn’t work..you can delete them…anxious to see your work!

  4. nookie says:

    well the woman did upto 44 books a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ll try ONE. important to not copy, but advance …. sure 100’s of fans have done the same, i’m not going to try to publish, just amuses me 🙂

    if it works, reads well i’ll be sure to get you a copy to read to christopher 🙂 mind you i’ll perhaps be so long doing it, he can read it himself

  5. chanda says:

    I think its a great idea! Christopher is close to reading by himself..lol..he takes after me..I am an AVID reader

  6. nookie says:

    oh now i’m gonna have to scan some in aint i???

    not abstarct at all……….. i’m a bit non-talented if i try, so i tend to not plan think etc… just start and see where it goes and what comes out of my head

  7. nookie says:

    i think you gotta do etc etc etc etc

  8. nookie says:

    oh sod i mean (<<>>>>these)

  9. chanda says:

    lol…My problem is the same. I am a realist and when I went to art school I couldn’t exactly “hang” with the abstract work I was expected to do…so I dropped out and took another path..even though I had a scholarship to pursue art..

  10. nookie says:

    WOOOOOWWWWWW :à) your pics are great, see you have talent. Mine errm are therefore perhaps about good enough for a very very small illustration in a kids book………. if that LOL

    i feel very unhappy with my pics now

  11. nookie says:

    Chanda you said “I have planned on picking my artwork up again but I keep getting wrapped up in this damn computer and never pick up the pencil and paper like I so intend to do…There are times when I wish I didn’t have internet..when I could be isolated and forced to do those activities I used to do before it even existed..”

    you are so right!! To be honest since internet i’ve just stopped doing everything! I used to spend HOURS editing pictures on my PC, then the damn net arrived and I stopped that. I long for ‘the good o’l times 🙂 and why perhaps the bizzare notion to skip back to times when everything was as fun as an Enid Blyton book? Well if thats where my mind wants to go…….. and i wont have any other thing to do……………. ! we see 🙂

  12. chanda says:

    NOOOO NOOKIE….I don’t want to hear that! I want to see them. I am sure they are awesome! DON’T YOU EVER put your artistic talent down!

    Thank you for your overly kind comments on my work..lol..if I was so talented I would have some sold by now!!! lol..I never think my work is good enough..guess that’s the way with temperamental artists..did I say temperamental???surely NOT! ;oP

    I want to see them nookie!

  13. chanda says:

    I agree..technology is not as great as it’s cracked up to be…at least the net..on the other hand I never would have met you and so many other great people without it!

  14. nookie says:

    Yep the net is a wonderful cruel place. Where we virtually interact but never meet. Its like dialing a wrong number and finding someone to talk to. a lottery and mine-field to even know who the other person is. Worse then to make friends and end up living 3 kazillion miles away.

    PS I’m a 330ton fat bald pig called kevin. I sweat at least 2 pints an hour from each arm pit, my pc is covered in food that i failed to shove in my mouth. I sit here in my underpants because i’m toooo damn fat to move .

    images eh LOLOL

  15. chanda says:

    OMG LMAO!!!! That is too funny! It is true, you never know who’s on the other end but I think their true colors come out eventually..if you chat with them long enough..

  16. chanda says:

    I still think you should try professional photography….

  17. nookie says:

    i’m 6’1″ and 130lbs thin lithe and handsome 🙂 crumbling a bit around the edges as ’40’ gets close………. but all my own hair still 🙂 bit grey in places.

  18. nookie says:

    no i’m not good enough to be a professional Chanda. and to be honest hobbies are MINE, i just cant then turn them into a living, it wont feel the same

  19. chanda says:

    lol..I know how you feel…That’s part of the reason I haven’t sold any artwork. I do it when the mood strikes me..not when someone tells me to do something and to be honest..my work is crap when someone tells me to do a particular subject. It MUST come from the heart…

    And I think you are good enough to be a professional..your work is very good.

  20. nookie says:

    I have found EXACTLY what i wanted $3.99 postage WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    american site http://www.navrang.com/?Page=Categories&ID=6

    ok i’m happy now …. well not 100% coz i wanted famous five and secret seven but cant afford both 😦

    and creepy creepy creepy, whilst thinking earlier ‘hollow tree house’ no reason a title thats all, and in an obscure section on the fan website by enid blyton a book i’d never seen read or even a series i knew of guess what???????

    I can see this woman needs very hard examination before i dare even think a book title up she was so prolific !!!!!!!!!!!

  21. chanda says:

    Wow…I’ve never even read her work…It looks fun though!

  22. nookie says:

    well dont spend a fortune but try a couple of her books for Christopher? To read to him?

    do an internet search and just see how many books she wrote! really amazing i never knew it went into the……
    What’s in our database so far? 184 novels/novelettes with 5 poems
    221 character books with 831 short stories and 2 poems
    673 short story series books with 5658 short stories, 1 play, and 399 poems
    223 education books with 1289 short stories, 62 plays, and 628 poems
    144 recreation books with 426 short stories, 1 plays, and 190 poems
    ( 1445 total books with 9492 total short stories, plays and poems * )
    118 book reviews
    2398 book cover images (including reprints)

    1445 BOOKS 9492 SHORT STORIES!!!!!! the lady died in 1968. It looks like she is very popular again? Shame shunned soon after she died for being elitest or too middle class or whatever the crap reason was?

  23. chanda says:

    I will totally look into it for him! He has a HUGE selection of books already and he LOVES them. In fact, as I write this I look around and there are 22 books that I can count scattered all over the floor.

    If your good (which I imagine you will be) childrens books can be lucrative business…

  24. nookie says:

    I cherished books as a kid. I’d read them (paperbacks) but span them in my fingers in such a way i never broke the spine. They stayed prestine. Oh why did i get rid of them all?????

    I’ve got 100’s of train books, garden, cooking (not true a few cooking trying to build it up)

    I love books to look at …. being there not even read they look good.

    Now mum has 1000’s we gave 1000’s to charity when she moved here and there are boxes and piles of her books all over. Including the last one she ever ordered, arrived after she died 😦 There was another a few days b4 the cremation and I put it in the coffin with her, I thought she’d like to have a read. But then another arrived, and i’ll never ever get rid of it or read it, it will the remain the only book she never read.

  25. nookie says:

    Oh and also, I dont know if my ‘copy cat’ theme would work? It would not go down well with fans. and i’d hate to plagerize, but i’d have to read everything she ever wrote not to. So i’m only tacking on to a series not trying anything new.

    If I enjoy and its ok i might YES try a fresh new idea and see??? But what do kids want today? I’d like to take innocence and blissful ignorance and make it fun. I’m not about to talk fast cars, tv, pc, and all that jazz.

    i have embraced the electronic world and will shout out ‘its fantastic, everything is easy, everything is great’ and then ‘its boring, lonely and eats your brain’

  26. chanda says:

    Boy that’s a toughie…For Christopher I have opted for traditional books…The little golden book classics…Dr. Seuss…the real mother goose (not the new crap they have come out with today)..The rest of his books are nature oriented (of course), animals, counting, colors..not sure what the older crowd is into…science fiction maybe…I have never read a single Harry Potter..I prefer classics like Jules Verne….

  27. chanda says:

    Lol..and I understand about book overload! I have given away 5 boxes to the local library, at least that many to the local bookstore, and 3 to my sister to sell and I still have a BUNCH…but, I am a reader…Christopher himself has hundreds of books already

  28. nookie says:

    chanda i added you to msm. no one else can see your email btw only me 🙂

    if it pops up a name that looks like nookie but not coz its in fact french (real name) its me 😉

  29. chanda says:

    ok..will get on in a bit…trying to get Christopher fed and off to bed…

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