water, water, everywhere water

it just couldn’t hang on until i left could it?

the fucking thing has errupted to the surface, and washing the drive away ‘sod it’  I so wanted this little problem to continue … but get worse AFTER i’d left!!!

 I decided to take a shower fast…….. thankfully timed to within 2mins of the supply stopping, well its not stopped, just diverted….. everywhere outside.

Of course i’ve no phone numbers or customer details to report it…..  so i wont 🙂   moved the car outside to the road so it dont sink. 


5 Responses to water, water, everywhere water

  1. chanda says:

    Oh that just SUCKS!!!! Isn’t that always the way????

  2. nookie says:

    Its gotta be fixed as there’s no water in the house now 😦 It came through all muddy after I showered……… dunno why i thought ‘SHOWER’ glad i did, as soon after it lost pressure and now pumps up outside.

    sods law eh? i got bottled water so ok for cups of tea and teeth cleaning

  3. chanda says:

    Hell that’s all we drink here is bottled water..bad for the environment but better than drinking the uranium laced crap we have here!

  4. nookie says:

    mmmm delish mmmmmm

    i dont drink the water ‘fish fuck in it’ i heard that somewhere or read it?

    they treat the water so much here it smells of chlorine too strong. it also washes driveways btw. and supplies 3-8″ for the toads 🙂 just been outside and switched the lights on, they are loving it …….

    oh and the land drain got blocked up………. bummer that, would need effort and wading through the water to deal with………. and had i not been told in such terms this is not my house and i should get out…………. perhaps i’d give a shit about the fact the water is laping up the outside wall, that suffers from damp enough anyway?

    nope i have sent an email to the house owner, and i will wade through it to reach my car to deal with kitties, and i’ll wade back through it later when i return.

  5. nookie says:

    update……….. house owner never replied or did anything!!! how very french!!!!

    water company spotted it themselves and arrived……… surprised no one had reported it! Like i give a shit? Nice and wet in the house now and the warm damp smell is on the up, as opposed to the cold damp smell later in the year.

    Oh this house will be such a bargain when for sale?!!!

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