I’m the local bastard again….

Yesterday the uuuggggly kid that lives a few doors down from mums house came to look at the kitties.  Fine no probs, I ignored her and carried on working.  Then ugly kid went and got her terrier thing!!!!!!!!!!  It went fucking nuts slipped its leash and dived under my car to get the two that had not gone up a tree!!!  ugly kid thought it was funny!   That little shit dog was snapping teeth going nuts….  it was dragged out from under the car, by me, by its back leg and punched hard in the head.  It bit me and was thrown in the road.  Man, owner of dog and ugly kid was then told “I’ll fucking kill it if i see it again”  it had afterall bitten me on my property I could have it destroyed……   Ugly kid now in tears got told to “fuck off”!   So rather than all the neighbours seeing the dog would have killed kitties…. oh no, all stand out there and glare at me and say how horrible I was to the poor little dog.   It took me an hour to get the two kitties out of the tree, and two hours looking for the other, she’d actually climed up onto of the engine poor thing.  The one the dog almost got is really freeky now and wont leave the house.   bastards!


3 Responses to I’m the local bastard again….

  1. chanda says:

    Sounds like an interesting experience..it is on your property though and she should not have been on it without permission. Hopefully it doesn’t get a lawsuit slapped against you….that’s what americans do…sue happy lot that we are! regardless if you are in the right you are always the one to get screwed…We tend to punish the innocent and let the bad and evil go free…it’s sad really…

  2. nookie says:

    oh the attitude has changed……….. seems a little panic to get hold of dogs when i’m at the house LOLOL obviously saw i’m not even slightly affraid of their dog. There are three similar down the road, and they are all grabbed when i’m spotted 🙂

  3. chanda says:

    That is tooo funny nookie…especially considering what an animal lover you are!!!!

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