english people

very few and far here.  a lovely couple not far from here (10mins) moved in about 3 months ago, they are very nice.  A couple in the village here lived here as long as me, okayish, i’m invited to tea tomorrow there.  A lady i just met here in the village too, she’s here only 2/12 months, she comes from where i did and same attitude LOLOL  i like her.  The romanian from england here also 2/12ths very nice guy an artist.  then the woman who’s kitties i’ve got!!!!!!!   mmmmmm   4 weeks now almost 5!   and its costing me to look after them!   i think words and an open pocket are needed!   NO they are, i’m almost $90 out of pocket, i have to feed them and milk and litter etc, but i’m gettin pissed off now.


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  1. chanda says:

    Well it’s nice that you are meeting some new “like minded” people! Sorry about the kittens..think you should claim them as your own by now.

  2. nookie says:

    i’d love to but i cant afford another 4 cats……….

    i’m really gonna miss them ‘when’ they go back, and feel sorry for them as they must think HOME is with me?

  3. chanda says:

    Nookie….you are an animal magnet..all animals think “home” is with you because you are their safe haven…

    would like to write more but computer (video card) is taking a dump…will be happy when I get the new video card…can’t see shit right now…pissed off cause I thought it was the moniter and I just bought a $200.00 flat screen 19″ and GUESS WHAT??? That ain’t it….damn…all I see are pretty blue horizontal lines and nice vertical black ones..hope this is spelled right cause I can’t see what I’m typing….lol..AIN’T LIFE FUN????? NOT

  4. nookie says:

    hope you computer is fixed soon.

    i’m now entering week 6 with the kitties, and now i’m very pissed off!!! those poor little things will be dragged to her house and putrid kids and not know what the fuck is going on, they are going to feel very like i did not want them!

    the agreed 4 weeks was the deal, then her putrid kids get 2.5wks with them to settle them before they go back to school. and NOW?

    selfish twats should not be allowed animals their ignorance is cruelty !

    this btw is the woman i refused to let have any of my own kitties last year.

  5. chanda says:

    It’s coming along..I’ve had some really bad things happen to me in the past few weeks so I am trying really hard to just cope, understand, and move on….the computer is just the icing on the cake..

    I hate to tell you this nookie but it sounds like you might have some new furkids…whether you like it or not! lol…come on…admit it…they ARE cute….

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