PANIC the cow’s got loose!!

Well everyone that’s french go nuts and scream lots anyway.  HOG woman opposite scream like a demented slag ‘MY WASHING’ ….. err ok like they are in my garden you ugly hag from the bowels of satan and i really dont think they are hungry for your cheap sheets enough to jump the fence……….!!!   So then panranoid twat neighbour two has called the police who arrive …..  and i’m standing there with the cows talking to them!!  I flicked my fingers they looked they follow….  so they are there with me.  Very docile and quite ok to follow me where i snap fingers.   Farmer arrived about 10 mins later and they follow his demented howels………

honestly people are so…………..  crass and bovine (second meaning).   what’s three bored cows doing out?  being nosey FFS, they seemed quite ok i showed interest and stuck around.   people are so fucking pathetic.


2 Responses to PANIC the cow’s got loose!!

  1. chanda says:

    How funny!!!!! I can’t believe it…here the cows get out and can be walking down the main street of town and nobody would care..but then cows are such a fixture here…The other day I had 6 of them wondering around my yard…we watched them..let Christopher look at them and watched them as they wondered down the highway for their owners to come pick them up…I don’t think I could live with such high strung people nookie…

  2. nookie says:

    i ignore everyone wherever i can

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