Cute little house

large garden in fact, although euro standards of course.

 The ‘bones’ of the garden are now in place, and although very hard work to come, the planning and plotting out is over.  I need to wait it rains some as I have an entire garden of plants to move over still


 Picture from 2004, hard to imagine what was going to happen, was happy and exciting then.dscn0106.jpg

For your pleasure below is the depressive crap hole i live in right now…  it’s such a nice warm colour set well back from the little used road…. NOT grey grey grey sitting on a road thats a norm they pass at 70mph+   see that bend?  imagine your are at the gates trying to get out…..   “foot down and hope” no other options.

That house is going to just NOT fly off the estate agents books, but then who am I to dampen the owners delusions?  I’m more than happy to be getting out trust me.dscn0972.jpg


One Response to Cute little house

  1. chanda says:

    The house and gardens look very nice nookie..quite a difference from just a few short years ago! So pretty and green there! Fall has pretty much hit here and all the trees are turning colors and dropping leaves..

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