Times Education suppliment

So I got a delivery, something posted from India, and it was wrapped in the Indian Times Education suppliment 🙂  There is a Maths test…….  Thought I’d have a go

(copied exactly from the paper)

1) How many two digits number have the sum of the factorals of their digits less than or equal to the product of their digits?

i) 0  ii) 8  iii) 4  iv)1

2) If a:b=c:d, d=4^2 and 2bc=64, find the value of a+d?

i) 20   ii) 18  iii) 22   iv)cant be determined

3)For how many values of natural number N, sum sum of first N natural numbers will be perfect square less than 1000?

i) 1  ii) 2  iii) 4  iv) 8

4)How many two-digit numbers exceeds the number formed by reversing their digits by a perfect square (greater than 0)?

i) 16  ii) 12  iii)15   iv)18

5) If N=aaaabbaaaa, a=2b, than N need not be divisible by

i) 99  ii)198  iii)66  iv)396

So while pondering these questions and thinking, I came up with the following;

DOES ANYONE UNDERSTAND THE FUCKING QUESTIONS EVEN??????????  not least Q1 has a grammaticle err

I have decided that the answer to all the above would be;



3 Responses to Times Education suppliment

  1. chanda says:

    I agree..I hate math….was there an answer key with it?

  2. nookie says:

    Nope that would be published the next week.

    ordinarily i’d want to find out the answers, but even if i did I dont understand the point of the question……………

  3. shelley says:

    math is evil. LOL just looking at those made my head hurt.

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