An update……

February 19, 2008

Just a few lines as i have accessed a small internet cafe nearby.

Life total shit, no electricity or telephone heat or water and does not look like there will be any in the near future either……..  I am however coping and surprised myself also.   Candles and mobile gas heater.    But one gas heater went up in flames mas eve that was very nice!!!!

Animals are all ok, and yes i did eventually inherit the other cats too.   George and Rupert got quite ill with urinary troubles but after a fucking enormous vet bill are now ok.  

I am, as you would expect being as obnoxious and objectionable as I can where ever I can as often as I can……..   I’d not be me otherwise would >I ?

Now i know i can get access, and gob smacked a town where TV must seem space age has internet.

KISSES to you all and I do miss you