I miss them

Rupert missing
Dilys missing
Nora dead
Doris dead
Dylan dead

since july I’ve lost so many cats ;'( I still have Lucy, Bitsy and George. also the full time visit Bob who was the mother of the dead kitties. I am so sad about them the cutest little things, I let them wander amost wild, but they always came running and cuddles. Doris died in a horrible way i’ll never forgive myself…. it was raining like mad, I went out looked under the car as always, got Dylan out never thought more. Got in car switched on wipers and heard Doris screem. TOO LATE i’d killed her, her head was mashed in the wiper arms. I wont get over that. One week later my little Nora died, in the night just gone. Dylan then had to sleep in bed with me but screamed all the time in the morning I had to have him put to sleep. Only 4 months old I loved them so.

Rupert my best cat ever has been missing since a huge party in a house close-by. I’ve never found him or seen him since. I hope he is ok and has just walked off to find another home. Dilys gone quite some time, I still look for her but never seen again.


2 Responses to I miss them

  1. Chanda says:

    aww nookie..so sorry! All I can suggest is to keep your good memories and be thankful for the ones you have…don’t beat yourself up..it happens to all of us and when its their time..its their time. Cats are sooo hard to keep anyway..they are adorable but they are independent for sure and bad things tend to happen to them because of that independence.

    they are all ok..whether they are here on earth or up above..you’ll see them again someday and you know it..

  2. Louise says:

    Sorry to hear about all these little souls gone Nookie hope this new year brings you better health, prosperity and joy!



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