My New Netbook (snatch-top)

Deciding the mobile phone was just well ………..  possible yet impossible to use.  Things had to be done.  I got a Snatch-top 🙂  You know the PC thats like a really small Lap-top (notebook).  Sort of sits on your snatch….

Amazing little thing it is too.  Huge memory and really fast.

EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee PC ass-anus .   I’m not knocking it I’m really happy.  Not at all expensive but …..  they keyboard OFFS (oh for fuck sake) I cant use it, I’ve had to get an external and plug that in.  I’m not a pecking bird and I cant type like hungry chickens feeding.  Not least if the keys got smaller?  Using AZERTY I have to added bonus of a fucking half sized ‘M’ in order to allow for the ‘extra’ key  ‘ù’    Impressed???  I’m not, what the fuck do you ever need ‘ù’ ?????  

Also external mouse as I just never have been able to wipe my fingers across that special panel and make like a mouse does.  I have tried but its SO EFFIN SMALL  I’m scratching away rubbing skin off in a heated attempted to reach the other side of the screen.

Snatch-top excellent idea ………..   except above.

Internet again 🙂     Not via DSL or the like but EDGE (mean something or other) supposed to be 3G+ but thats called HSDPA now.   EDGE is the lesser but quite fast enough, often called 2G.  I connect on the mobilephone network.  the restriction is 5GB a month and no P2P ….  bang goes my downloading porn then.

Got another new mobile phone (in the sales this month i aint that rich).  Another amazing little thing.   Takes pictures play video, got a 2GB memory, connects to the pc…. where I have been lumping in lots of fave songs.  You can even save your voice or anyone elses as a ‘ringtone’ anything you like as a ‘wallpaper’.  It plays radio and the music player plays no head phone.  Huge fun lots to do and I lashed out 3 bucks to download patience game.  Nookie is content .     Oh it makes calls too.


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