Social Services maison phenix

You may or may not know the circumstances/situation I live in.  Complicated and upsetting.  Results are ; unfinished house, no gas, water or electricity.  No bathroom or kitchen or floors even…….  kind of a cowshed cleverly disguised as a house my the constructors ‘constructors mmmmm’ Maison Phenix .    They are crooked bastards to who I intend to bring ruination to.  I intend to be their nemesis.


The french did fuck all to help me and its been YEARS now.  I wrote to my embassy.  I’m cold and dirty and I cant connect anything as certificates of conformity have never been released and officially this house does not even exist. Its been SOOOOO cold -8  for almost a week then it dropped to -12.8° (uses new posh phone to convert)  8.96f.   Inside it went down to 5.4° ( 41.72f)  COLD.   I’m in one room the poor dogs are freezing no heat.  I stink as its too cold to get my bits out to try and wash trust me.

My letter prompted a surprise Social Service visit….  nice freeeeezing cold day two smiling twats at the door.  Invited in and told keep your coats on.  I dont get out of my bed or bedroom when its just this cold. Shocked they where, investigation and nosing around the house continued the shockiness.  Then the comment ‘we thought you where joking’   “WTF  hellllo”  No I dont joke this is my life enjoy….  I wash my clothes in a bucket or rain water, I look like some escaped lunatic unwashed and unkept.  I enjoy it really I do…..  FFS.  They decided the house was totally uninhabitable and steps must be urgently taken to re-house me.    An apartment (studio) size of a shoe box with a kitchen-ette.  I stop them and mention ANIMALS……  the two twats say “oh no animals”   So they are thanked and told to fuck off.  Again they realise I am serious and I dont give in.   I have had several calls on my posh new phone now, where it would seem that embassy letter is causing the french some trouble. 

I’ll keep you posted on advancements.   Although do please keep in the mind that species evolve faster thatn the french work.


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