The garden 2008

So I been working on the garden since 2007.  and now you can see what it looks like only one year later(2008 pics). Neighbours spend thousands importing soil and stone and producing typical french gardens (parking grass 2 shit geraniums for summer) mine aint nothing like those.

I was advised my soil is rubbish etc etc blah french crap etc. It might ‘look’ crap but its fertile. 

all materials are re-used.  stone was dug out of the old railways TONS and TONS it took months with only a pick and spade.  The entire garden was created using an original plan my dear departed Mum designed.  I am exceptionally happy.  The house looks great (from the outside).  I hope 2009 will see it mature with added speed and vigor…..


2 Responses to The garden 2008

  1. chanda95 says:

    It’s really beautiful and has come a LONG way from when you first moved in. You have done a wonderful job with it and you should be really proud of your’s lovely.

  2. nookie says:

    thanx hun. its miserable winter for me. I have lots of new plans for the garden and i have to wait cant do anything yet 😥 all last years flower seeds have been collected and dried so this year they’ll be even more colour. when the season lets me get out there and start….

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