Replace Linux with Windows XP on a netbook

For weeks I had trawled the internet to find the solution. LINUX SUCKS.

I no doubt will fuel fires in some people panities saying LINUX SUCKS…. and I dont care.

My original notebook; a lovely Acer Aspire One running Linux Linpus (shite). Interface looked good seemed to work well. The only tiny little glitch being: IT IS NOT COMPATABLE with anything hardware…. anything!!

Linux is an OS system that looks a lot like Windows. Developed by people (nerds) who obviously thought Microsoft did not deserve the exclusive coverage it does. I’m all for competition. So you develop something to look like the system you all say its nothing like…. good move. Then you see you got it wrong. Its almost windowsy except the need to find hidden input interfaces to type COMMANDS!!!! Its like using fucking DOS….. no worse, DOS does not have KNOMES or GNUs and other spaced out drug induced names given by their developers.

Linux fans would argue that the Linux OS is much faster to boot-up. Indeed it is, and I’m going to clearly regret scrubbing Linux and using XP. The 2.5seconds extra windows takes to boot is a fact of life i’ll have to face!!!

Godzilla.. motzerela whatever the fuck you call it. looks like internet explorer. I read pages of shit about how stable and secure it is . I’m glad for you really I am. I am even happier that internet explorer with all its security issues is once again my browser however.

XP had to be loaded via a USB key due to lack of CD/DVD on a notebook pc. . have lots of useful information to guide you through the proceedure. and how to purchase the USB flash drive.

So I now have two notebooks ….. yay. The Acer keyboard is usable and it will be the one I use for portability. The Acer spec being very low did lend itself to the equally low end Linux. However the difference between the Acer and the Asus (twice the spec) is minmal. The Acer is FASTER can you believe that 🙂 ?

No doubt you Linux fans will be throwing toys from your prams to read how I disliked your OS system. I’m so awfully sorry for you. The market share windows-linux was already against you. Netbooks cant run with Vista (big fuck off memory zapping ones can) the rest cant, so XP is really hard to find to wipe out Linux. I expect Windows7 will put the final boot-out to Linux systems.



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