Last ngiht the kitties where all going into one….. trashing the joint. So I ventured to see what the commotion was….. by torch light into the living room I go and “CRUNCH”. I trod on my glasses, not a little “crunch” this was a big squashed flat sodding “CRUNCH”

I then spent some hours, by candle light, trying to bend the frames back into shape; that you know never works, but i had to try. Once they ‘looked’ about right I delicately forced the lenses back in, click click click, so far so good.

This morning I popped my glasses on (as you do) and they so no longer fit. I dont have glasses now, as to wear them makes me look like a derranged village idiot.

bloody cats!!!!


2 Responses to Bugger

  1. chanda95 says:

    ooohhhh..that totally sucks ass…I wear glasses and keep all my old pairs just in case something like that happens…

  2. nookie says:

    I cant find my old glasses sadly. And I cant afford new glasses. Thankfully my eyesight is not too bad to go without. I just get a bit myopic when tired or driving. I’ve put mashed glasses in the car… for emergency use. BUT; being the fact they are no longer correctly shaped the lens magnification is wrong. -1 to the left. If I try to bend them around anymore I just know they’ll snap.

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