Mind-blowingly stupid people

I do appreciate that we are all different and diverse. I agree that not everyone has outstanding ability. I agree that individual education differs. I for one do not consider myself very well educated, but what I do have is a very logical mind and a real ability to know how things interact, work, perform. There are thousands of subjects I would not understand or grasp …………….

What i want to know is what goes on in the head of truly STUPID people. I do not mean mentally retarded. I mean people who are out there in the world posing a danger to themselves and others.

I bring you an example: the father of a freind.

Walked home 5miles (8km) when he lost the keys to the family car. I was there at the house when he arrived. He’d re-traced his every step but alas the key is lost. Upon finishing the tale of woe he sat down….. got up with a start, delved in his rear pocket to produce the key!!! Then said as he never puts the key there he would not have looked for it.

That same week he’d had problems with the car, an emergency light was flashing. He obviously used a person with matching brain skill to help him work out what it was. The front tyres had been changed as had all the brake pads as the light had a wheel icon. I’d visited the house and he was clearly lost as to what else could be so seriously wrong, he’d already spent a lot of money but the fault light was still there. I looked, opened the bonet (hood) pointed to the brake fluid reservoir ‘almost empty’.

Same person again. The son had purchased an electric kettle to make coffee easily and quickly in the morning before work. Previously heating up water was done using an old saucepan on the oven top. Not too long after the father had attempted to make coffee, unplugged the kettle put it on the oven top and sat watching it melt waiting for the water to heat up.

I’ve even met the father’s sister who spends the entire day with a bemused if not gormless look on her face. This look is commonly seen many many people have this caracteristic in france.

What I just cannot get to grips with is the level these people’s brains function at. I would not say they are retarded, but the actual level of logical function is not there. No desire to learn, no desire to function at any other pace than their tiny neuro system will allow.

Should we feel sympathy towards the morons we share our lives?
Should we make allowances for terminally thick people?
Should we worry that these people are out there?


2 Responses to Mind-blowingly stupid people

  1. chanda95 says:

    Nothing we can do about the stupid people in this world except watch, shake our head and laugh at their stupidity…and take extra precautions to protect our asses when we are around them because who knows what dumb act they will pull..

    I hate to say it but I got a giggle out of this post…

  2. nookie says:

    I did hear since the father has lost the trailer (for wood delivery)…… backed it into a ditch, he’d forgotten it was there!!!!!!!!!! hello?????

    None of the family are blessed with an abundance of intelligence. But the father is so dumb.

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