Recession Depression …… turmoil

I’m as pissed off as most of you perhaps are lot at the state of the economy. This is a global fuck-up caused by greedy banks and investors. Of course we enjoy to hear how the banks are suffering, but the knock on effect to us all is far more serious.

I’d avoided mentioning the depression until now. Lets be honest the ripples are sweeping the globe. We fall into recession on a regular bassis, yet for whatever reason greed and arrogance has failed to remember that. So now economies are in free-fall. and we edge closer to depression as each month passes.

Billions are being pumped into banks and car makers to save them…. billions. The governments have failed to mention it’ll take decades to recover from these hand-outs.

What pisses me off the most is media. Latest news headlines of another high street name failing, 4,500 job here 7,000 there. Money discussed in trillions and billions. Whilst people on the ground are suffering. Seriously going without to stay afloat. I’ve lost out due to the pound dropping in value. Less and less each month I have to spend on BASICS. Once i’ve got all the animal feeds, candles (need loads) gas and oil for mobile heaters, paid insurance and the like…… i’m knocking around with 80€ to feed me each month ($100).

I’m not happy to suffer, and i know many many people are worse off than I am. I just wish the media would stop using it like some glory reporting and shut the fuck up. The sooner people stop mentioning how bad things are ‘or are going to be’, the sooner it will pass. It will, but we have to adapt, slow our pace, stop thinking high hopes. Its a time to exisit, work where we can. Not to strive beyond what we know we are able to cope paying. fuck buying a new car – repair what you got. Save a few bucks, recycle things. As the economy slows so should we. This gigantic mess should produce a better less greed orientated people. Those that exisit on the WANT GREED HAVE-TO-HAVE wont make it, they’ll be unable to slow they’ll fall.

Time to go back in time and be just a little more humble and genuine.


4 Responses to Recession Depression …… turmoil

  1. chanda95 says:

    I agree. I’m tired of it. I’ve seen too many people hurt by this and there is no telling if we will be impacted as well…it’s scary. The bad part is that a lot of people now don’t know how to go back to basics. I know I could but I know a lot of people that freak out..hence all the murdering and suicides…

    I’m sorry your suffering because of this crap nookie!

  2. nookie says:

    Yes ‘back to basics’ you are correct. Hard to know what to do. Many people will get depressed and stressed over this mess. This will be the 3rd recession I can remember. The 90’s was bad but not as fast as this is. I also think many many employers are now using it as an excuse to sack 100’s. I hope your new president does well for you….. cant be worse than the odeous toad previously in power.

  3. chanda95 says:

    I’m skeptical…I think all of our politicians are odeous toads….guess time will tell though.

  4. nookie says:

    I just hope if the worst does happen to people they reaslise its NOT THEIR FAULT and that they are far from alone. Be realistic admit to it and get help.

    Banks will sell on debt so you’ll be facing nasty bastards at the door demanding cash.

    Obamamaman seems nice enough, wish he’s smile more that face reminds me of a fish mouth. Still better that a french dwarf with an ego eh?

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