freezing cold or raining :(

<img Here see what -12° looks like my poor garden iced.

Here a couple of day of cold rain. The pond (hole) is about 5’deep and 12′ across at max. Serious concerns its full…. looks great full, but what will happen when i get around to actually finishing it? where will all the excess water go? This afternoon it was past the pond and beyond the grass was a few inches deep already.
in the rain


2 Responses to freezing cold or raining :(

  1. chanda95 says:

    It’s BEAUTIFUL either way nookie..I can’t get over the fact that it’s so green there…I grass?? really??? Isn’t it winter there??? that’s so wild. There isn’t a plant around here (aside from the pine trees) that’s not dormant…

    we usually get rain that freezes and then it’s topped with layer upon layer of snow so when you drive in it…you have ZERO traction and the ice doesn’t melt cause it’s topped with effing snow! January wasn’t so bad for us..February is shaping up to be like our December..BAD SNOWY..I don’t think I’d mind if I didn’t have to drive in it…

  2. nookie says:

    Its always a bit green. I guess we never get winters as harsh as you. They are cold very cold and or very wet. But winter is normally fast december – february. Although 2006 was miserable it lasted months november – may…..

    They do say if winter has been exceptionally cold then summer will be hot. Last time temperatures dipped to -10/-12 etc the summer (2003) was a killer ‘real terms’ it was so hot 100’s died.

    I hope for a nice summer not a roasting hot one.

    here’s to winter passing fast for us all and the better season and feelings arriving with the longer days.

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