The netbook comparison

Acer vers Asus. Both excellent Acer being faster. The acer is a tad bigger as can be seen in the pic, and for that reason it’ll be my portable as I cannot use the tiny keyboard of the Asus. Why did they make the keys so small?

my posh phone i’m very happy with it, amazing advancements with technology lots of things included that i’ll never use however.

You’d imagine I was a gadjet freek, but i’m not. The phone was cheap and my old cell phone was 9yrs old!! seriously 9 yrs! had to be replaced as the battery would no longer hold a charge. The netbook was got coz its cheap and small and I dont have electricity so they are easy to charge up. Reson i got two? well one was almost nothing on a contract internet the other was very cheap anyway.


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