I was abducted by a UFO…. not! but I might have seen one?


Nothing like this of course. But i’m wondering I may have seen something twice. Cant give you any dates coz I thought they were stars.

Late last year I was outside on a lovely crystal clear night, i’d let the dogs out for a wee, and was gazing at the stars. Amazingly clear here with little light pollution, I keep meaning to take pictures. Then as fast as anything a bright star light shot across east to west. White clear. I was sure it was a shooting star. and made a wish I’d find my missing rupert (cat). I did think shooting stars had a tail, but had never seen one before so….

A week or so back was another frosty clear night and again while waiting on the dogs I saw an amazing star ‘shoot’. But this time north to south!!! It moved at a huge pace but was quite large, i spotted it over my left shoulder as it zoomed down south. It was high up but seemed to follow the curve of the earth, its arc’d high up like it was looping the planet. I waited because at the speed it was going i thought only 2-3mins before it would do it again, but that was it. again it had no tail trailing. I did say WOW look”, but the dogs held no interest. It was not out in space because its north to south movement was an arc over me/europe/planet.

Recent reports in media are a frenzy of sightings and the like, and I do wonder if I had indeed seen something? I wonder.

Pic of the moon I took ‘hand held’ I really should get the tripod out and seriously take some pics.


2 Responses to I was abducted by a UFO…. not! but I might have seen one?

  1. chanda95 says:

    You never know nookie. This is a big universe among many (actually it could be quite small in comparison) We have barely tapped the surface of what we know about life on this planet..let alone others. Are we really that sure of ourselves that we are the only living things…EVER?

    I’m not even going to tell you where my home town is…lol..I don’t even want to hear it…but I bet you’ve heard of it..and I swear to the good lord above I’m telling the truth.

  2. nookie says:

    Yes I do know where you live 🙂 I dont judge anyone, coz I am also of the oppinion that just perhaps eh? not least if we exist then so can other planets hold life. billions of years before our planet even… so way more advanced. not that i see the human race advancing much, most people seem to be devolving.

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