I’ve added a visitor thingy whatsit majig and its windy outside.

down on the right hand side. Saw it on Rebeccas blog and gay sky hooker, but numb nuts here kept trying to paste direct and wordpress dont like that. Once i’d stopped pretending to know all….. realised its a simple ‘text’ code in text box…. enjoy new feature 🙂

Spending this evening listening to the wind gushing around the house outside. Hope it dont get as bad as the other week 180kph!!!!!! Meteo france expect only about 140kph tonight. Fingers crossed as this house is so badly built it moves in the wind I KID YOU NOT. the roof frame is so flimsey is shifts in anything more than 50kph, you hear is heaving under its own weight. The result is the roof pushes down and inside the ceilings creek and move downwards. Its un-nerving as you cannot get away from it. Oh well as long as thats all that moving up there. Clattering about ouside is something. Its dustbin empty day in the morning and no doubt some shit-head has left out a half open bin bag that has now expelled its contents down the road, and as sods law is everything always seems to end up in my garden!!!


One Response to I’ve added a visitor thingy whatsit majig and its windy outside.

  1. chanda95 says:

    wow..sucks about the wind. We get those kind of winds in the spring which is why I HATE spring so dreadfully much…right now…ho hum..snow..

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