USB external hard drive ??? or not?

I wanted an external pocket hard drive in order to share and swap things around between my two snatch-tops. They aint too expensive, but alas still too expensive for my paultry budget of next to nothing.

I was sniffing on ebay looking for 20-30gb around about. The smallest i see is 120gb upto one terabite GEEEeeeeze!!? As a small pocket carry around file share HDD I dont even need 120gb, its too big. So I plumped for a 8gb usb key drive (flash drive) seriously more pocket sized and well within budget. Slightly happier I persuaded self I did not need big capacity, I’m terrible on ebay….. should not go there…

I just wonder why the HDD’s need to be so big? Videos and music can be compressed.

One point many people fail to realise is they can fail… and fail big time. Everything I got (already) on normal external HDD is also on CDR or DVDR. If the drive gets nuked for any reason I still have back-up back-up(2) copies. Nothing can be trusted 100%.


2 Responses to USB external hard drive ??? or not?

  1. chanda95 says:

    I am a flash drive junkie..have several of them. Great for storing all the crap you don’t want to have on your computer…They can fail too but then..anything electronic pretty much can.

  2. nookie says:

    in todays era of generic crap and re-badging I dont think you can really trust anything.

    all made in fucking china whatever you buy.

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