Moral dillemma……. and satifaction

Ok today i had to go take someone to a garage (next village), once he’d been dropped off i drove past a freinds house. not really a freind more a northern tight fisted mean old cow from the uk. She has since returned leaving the house all unwatched. nice house swimming pool etc. The mean northern twunt stopped talking to me because i refused to be used by her expecting everything done for free and my life to evolve helping her. I stopped helping and thus she stopped talking to me…. calling me all the shit under the sun and one of her vile children kicking my car and denting it. So you’d imagine i wanna see the twunt suffer.

she speaks no french and thinks shouting english at the french makes them understand. Once i’d stopped being useful she turned to a dubious person in the village, known for his taste in young nubile girls. She’d send the daughter(13) round in skimpy things and he’d come running like a dog in heat. Sadly his history caught up with him and he was murdered last year …………

I drove past and saw her fence had not survived the wind very well ….shame… but noted one wall outside looked very wet. very very wet right up to the beams. I stopped and looked and it would seem a huge amount of water is leaking someplace. I’m guessing one of the bathrooms? the windows are condensated very much. Inside is oak floors and luxury top class furnishings….. really expensive!! (tight cow).

I’ve long wiped her details out and cant ring to share the good news, i dont have an email for her, or a new address. I do have her sisters address however. I’m only imagining the damage inside if the outside stone walls are soaked through. and i’m remembering the huge dent left in the side of my car and the way she treated me.

Question is; how many weeks should i sit and know her house is getting ruined before I bother writing to the sister?

PS i do know where the house is insured, perhaps contact them? and remind them she is no longer resident in france, she did not tell the insurance as it costs more to insure 2nd homes (tight cow)… that’d void her insurance if i contact them as the owner is living away now ……… mmmmmmm…. “i was only trying to help” etc.


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