I’ve almost wet myself laughing

Bored as i am….. trawling the houses for sale. Why cant people clean their crap up before getting an agent in to photograph the interior? I dont want to see all their shit, dirty washing and god knows what everywhere. One house the bathroom looked like 300 empty tubes of KY gel had been lobbed into every corner and surface and the bath was full of old clothes……..

This house however must top the list as being the worst taste; and loads of shit in every picture:

If you look real hard you’ll spot the owner hiding in one pic ….. i would too if i had to sleep in that bed..

there where many many more, too many. “if you wanna sell your houses ditch the shit and clean it up”

ok so to be fair i added two pics
the worst shit coloured bathroom EVER
the best of the worst agent photos EVER



4 Responses to I’ve almost wet myself laughing

  1. chanda95 says:

    All that pink makes me want to barf….the fireplace and ceiling beams are quite nice but that hideous flowery pink has GOT TO GO

  2. nookie says:

    i wont post the exterior of house. he’s a real DIY guy. built on did-it-myself-it-aint-fell-down-yet. Arabic guy (i know of him) married to a slag that looks like a whore….. bedrooms fitting then. What you see ‘looks’ ok but trust me he’s a builder you do not want back after hes ‘done things’ to your home. you just pay loads after to fix it. had the pleasure (for freind) to tell him to pack his tools and get the fuck out of the house. and now we can all share the wonders of inside his house 🙂

  3. chanda95 says:

    oh goodness..your right on the description of the bathroom..looks like someone pooped all over the friggen walls…GROSS….that is the worst color EVER for a bathroom…so not right…

  4. nookie says:

    you could walk in that bathroom, shit all over the pla&ce and no onewould notice. i’m on the look out now for a pic of shit brown tiles married with burnt sienna suite ….. top notch taste that

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