Keeping the internet free

I think everything on the net should be free. I think it should be kept free.

Most sites are funded by advertising…. dubious bastard adverts that pop up, down, sideways and all over the feckin place. A lot of sites now wont load until you allow pop-ups and the second you do the bastard ads start… loans, insurance, phones …… etc etc

So whilst i’m trying to look up what car charger my snatch top needs i’m bugged by fucking Orange and SFR ads all over the place …………. so i click them! I can be sure the advertiser is genuine and trusted so I click them…….. over and over clicky click clicky clicky clic. Why? well those advertisers PAY the site when their ads are clicked……….. so make them PAY a lot until you get bored clicking and closing….. They’ll be paying out megga bucks and get zero revenue for it. enjoy CLICK THOSE ADS

Same goes for publicity in the mail. very annoying but you can keep people employed when you stuff the publicity back in the post-paid envelope and post it back. The postal service gets revenue, the junk mailers get their crap back… and the best bit; they PAY to get the crap back. You may wish to vary it buy stuffing any old junk in from other mailings. enjoy POST THAT MAIL

People are getting useful employment and sites are receiving revenue. and it dont cost you anything to ensure they get the message not to bombard you with crap…….


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