moral dilemma……….. i’m not such a bastard

Ok i thought about it ….. i searched through papers and found her mobile phone number. went online got a free SMS text service….. texted a “very important urgent” etc and contact whoever is looking after the house while youre away.


20 seconds later my mobile rings!!! all panic and “OMG what can be done” …… then she said she needs my help and that “she’d missed me”……. i’m playing it cool and agreed i’ll go in the morning and isolate the water supply to the house and pool.

I told her to get her ass back here and not as she was planning to send the insurance details and house key by courier to me.

I’d been back today before contacting her and looked through the windows………. ITS TRASHED big time! all the wooden floors have lifted the sofas are black, the curtains (most) soaked up water and ripped out their fixings… its bad. I mean everything is ruined utterly. Must have been leaking months already?

As much as i feel she’s got hers i do have a concience and that i dont think no matter how we dislike people sitting and knowing their home is being wrecked is something i can really do. If shes lucky the insurance will pay out and she’ll win anyway.

there, nookie can be a bastard very much so, but at the end of the day never evil.


2 Responses to moral dilemma……….. i’m not such a bastard

  1. chanda95 says:

    aww took the high road and did the right thing..I’m proud of ya buddy!

  2. nookie says:

    smooooches thanx sweet bits

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